Nether Gold Ore

Here's a new Vanilla Feeling ore. But this time /u/MushirMickeyJoe had an awesome idea (and texture).
Gold ore in the nether. 

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This description applies to version 1.1.1 of the mod

This mod is not meant to be a rip-off of the Nether Ores mod. It just wants to add a vanilla style thing to make it worth spending time into the nether

The Nether Gold ore is a new ore that spawns everywhere in the nether.

It's pretty rare but veins are pretty big.


When mined will drop between 4 and 6 nuggets (both increased by 1 with each level of fortune)

But be aware. Gold is pigmen's treasure and if you steal it they have a chance to get angry at you.

In configuration file there's a section when you can even set a chance (and time) to set the player on fire when he mines the ore.


Configuration File:

# Configuration file

ore_drops {
    # Maximum amount of experience drop from the Ore (default: 2)

    # Minumum amount of experience drop from the Ore (default: 0)

    # Maximum nuggets drop from the Ore (without fortune) (default: 6)

    # Minumum nuggets drop from the Ore (without fortune) (default: 4)

ore_generation {
    # Number of blocks generated per vein (not exact) (default: 22)

    # The maximum height (Y) to try to generate Veins (default: 128)

    # The minimum height (Y) to try to generate Veins (default: 0)

    # Number of veins that have to try to spawn per chunk (default: 1)

ore_properties {
    # Chance for the ore to set on fire the player. Set to 0 to disable (default: 0.0)

    # Seconds that the player will be set on fire (default: 0)

    # Chance for zombie pigman to get aggroed when a nether gold ore is mined. Set to 0 to disable (default: 5.0)

    # Radius (from ore mined) for zombie pigman to get aggroed when a nether gold ore is mined
    # The radius has to be intended as a cube and not a sphere (default: 24.0)

Any idea for a new configurable option is welcome!

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Don't download this mod from any other website than Curse or the Twitch app. It might be scam and might harm your PC. Check for more infos.


This mod WASN'T made with MCreator


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