NHAVE's OmniWrench


Big News

The GregTech integration is out! Go get it now!

A new wrench inspired by the Omni Tools mod but with a bunch more features.
Images soon to come!
Backwards compatible with 1.6.2 and 1.5.2

Join me on IRC on EsperNet #nhave

Advanced Integrations

All advanced integrrations wil be posted here.


  • Biomes O' Plenty Block Rotation
  • Buildcraft
  • Changeable Color
  • Complete Bibliocraft Integration (ADV INTEGRATION)
  • Complete GregTech Integration (ADV INTEGRATION)
  • IC2
  • Minefactory Reloaded
  • Natura Block Rotation
  • Project Red
  • RailCraft
  • Simple and Advanced recipes for Vanilla, IC2 and UE
  • Tinkers Construct Block Rotation
  • New skinning system (Already skined wrenches will be reset)
  • 3-Layer Renderer (Disabled on fast graphics)
  • Thaumcraft Block Rotation
  • (ALPHA) Advanced Thaumcraft integration including Wrench Wand Foci (Has to be enabled in config)
  • Carpenders Blocks Hammer Integration
  • Complete Thermal Expansion Integration
  • Power system that supports "RF, EU and UE" (Needs to be enabled in config)


If you make a Mod Spotlight please pm me and i will put it here.


For Version 1.2.0+

Old Installation

For Version 1.1.2-

  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and Install the Elite7 Core
    (Not needed on 1.5.2 or for version 1.0.4 and up, a library with the functions will automaticaly be downloaded and updated.)
  • Put the nhwrench.jar in your mods folder
    (On 1.5.2 extract the ported jar from the mod jar.)
  • To enable the advanced Thaumcraft Integration go to the config file and enable it
  • From version 1.1.2 the advanced Thaumcraft Integration has become a seperate mod
    (You can get the latest version here)


  • Crash with newer versions of Project Red. (Fixed in next version)
  • Id conflict with Forestry in version 1.0.4 (Changed in 1.0.5)
    (To fix go to "config/nhave/nhwrench/config.cfg" and change "I:Wrench=13500" to "I:Wrench=14500")


Modpacks are always alowed as long as you credit me and link to this page.

Special Thanks

  • MrTJP for implementing my request for Project Red.
  • messiahgov for the German Translation.
  • BBolt for helping out testing the GragTech integration.

Next Update

  • Bugfixes and some skins.

Change Log

Change log


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