NHAVE's Omniwrench Integrations


All the Advanced integrations made into its own mod to make maintenance easier.


  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge if not already done.
  • Backup your Worlds (it shouldnt corupt your world but its still a good thing to do).
  • Download the NHWRENCH V3 and put it in your '/mods' folder.
  • Download the mod and put it in your '/mods' folder.


  • V1.0.12
    • Added: RFTools Highlight Handler to the SmartWrench select mode
    • Added: Dismantling for the Power Converters mod
    • Added: Rotation and Dismantle handler for Ewys Workshop
  • V1.0.11
    • Added: RotaryCraft Handler
  • V1.0.10
    • Removed: Dummy Mod Classes to fix Pneumaticraft
  • V1.0.9
    • Fixed: Cofh integration creating ghost items
  • V1.0.8
    • Updated: IC2 Integration to fit newer IC2 Versions
    • Added: Config option for "IC2LosslessMode"
    • Added: Config option for "IC2DismantleCables" (Shifht Right Click any cables from IC2 to pick them up)
  • V1.0.7
    • Added: Practical Logistics Integration with Rotation and Dismantling of blocks
  • V1.0.6
    • Added: Themal Expansion Multimeter function to Tuning Mode
  • V1.0.5
    • Added: Storage Drawers integration
      • Shift Right Click to dismantle in Wrench Mode
      • In Tune Mode Right Click to Lock/Unlock and Shift Right Click to toggle label
  • V1.0.4
    • Cleaned: Up the config handler
  • V1.0.3
    • Fixed:  Derp in the Immersive Engeneering integration preventing other utility mode handlers from loading when it is enabled
    • Added:  Garden Stuff config option
  • V1.0.2
    • Added:  Garden Stuff Trowel support (Tune Mode)
  • V1.0.1
    • Added:  Dismantling for BuildCraft blocks (Wrench Mode).
  • V1.0.0
    • Changed:  Reuploaded as a seperate mod to make maintenance easier.


Modpacks are always alowed as long as you credit me and link to this page.


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