Nomadic Tents 8.02


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    Dec 31, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

  • 1.11.2


Lots of little performance and code-readability changes. The following features were added (can be disabled from Config)

  • Players and other entities can enter the tent by walking through the door as well as clicking on it (you can toss items through, too!) [disabled by default]
  • Players who die in the Tent Dimension will be sent to the overworld if no bed is found
  • Only Creative-mode players can use Ender teleporting (ie, Ender Pearls) inside a tent [disabled by default]

The following bugs were fixed (I hope):

  • Fixed sleeping in overworld not changing time in tents
  • Fixed tent blocks not having a harvest level (thanks to Xanyo111 for pointing this out)
  • Fixed tent barrier blocks not preventing players from "glitching" through. No cheating! Stay inside your own tent!

The following bugs may still exist:

  • Death in the tent dimension will send you to overworld spawn instead of your overworld bed
  • Lighting inside tents (especially the Bedouin) may require time or block updates (eg, placing light blocks) to render correctly
  • Bedouin textures inside a tent may need a block update (eg, click on it) to have the correct texture
  • Teleporting large non-player entities may cause them to disappear when leaving the tent IF you last entered by walking into the door. This is because the animal / mob may be too big and is touching the door when it leaves the tent, triggering infinite teleports. Be careful, you may never see your pig again.

1.12.2 release is on the way