1.8.x Bedouin Recipe Incorrect #3

  • bug
Assigned to skyjay1
  • katubug created this issue Aug 11, 2016

    So, according to the main thread, the recipe to create a Bedouin is


    However, this doesn't produce anything. So I double checked, and it turns out that the recipe is the same as the tipi:


  • skyjay1 posted a comment Aug 13, 2016

    The recipe was updated in all versions released after 5.01 -- see the changelog here. When I redesigned the project page, I removed the bit about the recipe being outdated.

    I do not plan to release more 1.8.x versions just to fix the recipe, but I will add that note back to the project page.

  • skyjay1 self-assigned this issue Aug 13, 2016
  • skyjay1 added a tag bug Aug 13, 2016
  • skyjay1 edited title Aug 14, 2016

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