What to do if you lose your tent #4

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    If you have lost your tent item or destroyed part of the tent in-world, there is still hope!

    Admins can use /give to get a new tent item (which will lead to the same tent) by using item damage and NBT tags like so (where A, B, and C are integer values that are explained below) :

    /give @p yurtmod:tent 1 A {TentOffsetX:B,TentOffsetZ:C}

    A = the tent type. Values are as follows:


    B = the X offset of the tent. Values are 1 to 32767 and is incremented for each tent that is made. Unfortunately, the only way to know this is to check the X offset of a tent of the same type that was made right after the now-lost tent. Using an NBT explorer tool, you can also examine the world save data for "craftCountXX" where XX is the tent type.


    C = the Z offset of the tent. If the tent has been upgraded (which it usually was), then C is value on the above chart for SMALL size of the tent.



    More information coming soon.

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  • klausthorn posted a comment Oct 2, 2016

    B = 0-infinity? It seems to me that it is 1 for the first tent item of that type, thus never 0.


    At least for me: I created only one large yurt and I had to use 1 instead of 0 to get another tent-item leading to the same dimension.


    /give @p yurtmod:tent 1 2 {TentOffsetX:1,TentOffsetZ:2}


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  • P3rf3ct_Zer0 posted a comment Mar 9, 2019

    Need updated guide.

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