Nomadic Tents

Available for Minecraft 1.7.10 through 1.12.2!

"I want to explore the world, but all my stuff is at my house. What should I do?"

Answer: take your house with you! Build a Yurt, TepeeBedouin, or Indlu, set it up, take it down, and never worry about being too far from home again.

Tents come in various sizes: Small (5x5), Medium (7x7), Large (9x9), and (New!) Huge (11x11), Giant (13x13), and Mega (15x15). Here's how you get started:

Step 1: make the tent

You have 4 options for your tent so far: Yurt, Tepee, Bedouin, or Indlu.

Each can be upgraded in size by crafting it with the previous recipe - the highest tiers require special upgrade items (shown below)

To build a Yurt, make Tent Canvas and Yurt Wall Pieces.


To build a Tepee, make Tepee Wall Pieces using 4 leather (or 6 rabbit hide)


To build a Bedouin, make Bedouin Wall Pieces using any wool:


Finally, to build an Indlu, make Indlu Wall Pieces using sticks and leaves:


The last 3 upgrades to your tent require special items:  Golden Crossbeams, Obsidian Crossbeams, and Diamond Crossbeams.


** Note: Nomadic Tents for 1.8.x uses a bedouin recipe shaped like the tepee recipes. See Issue #3

Step 2: build the tent

First make a Tent Mallet. The tent is not going to construct itself!


Use the tent item to place frame blocks in the shape of your tent. Then hit each piece with the Tent Mallet to build. This will take about a minute in real-time, so don't wait until night falls to start!

 The Super Tent Mallet can do this with just one click! The recipe uses enchanted golden apples or gold blocks, depending on the config.

Step 3: enjoy the tent!

When you finish building the tent, click on the door to enter (preferably with an empty hand).

What's this? My tent was 5x5 when I built it, but the inside is much bigger!

[images in progress]

That is the magic of Nomadic Tents: Tents can be the same size on the outside (and take the same amount of time to set up), but the inside can be luxurious and roomy! If you upgrade it, that is.

Yurt Outside:

Large Yurt Inside (fire included) :

[images in progress]

Tepee Outside:

[images in progress]

Large Tepee Inside:

[images in progress]

Bedouin Outside:

[images in progress]

Indlu Outside:

Step 4: move the tent

How useful is a house when it's stuck in one spot? Not very useful, which is why Nomadic Tents exists in the first place!

Simply use the Tent Mallet on the door to de-construct your tent. Set it up somewhere else and everything will still be inside.


Check out this review by TitaniumGamingMedia (1.9.4) --


Q: I was in my tent when my friend turned it into an item again. Am I stuck?

A: Nope. Clicking on the door to exit will pop you out exactly where you went in, whether or not a door is still there.

Q: Can I sleep in my tent to pass the night away?

A: With the latest versions of Nomadic Tents, yes!

Q: If I set my spawn point in my tent (ie, sleeping) will I respawn there whenever I die?

A: If you're using the latest versions, yes! Otherwise, only if you die while in a tent.

Q: I lost my tent. Is my stuff lost forever?

A: Not quite. The solution is pretty complicated, though, so look at this Issue.

Q: I have an idea for a tent! Or maybe I found a bug. How do I let you know?

A: Post in the comments section at so I can be notified. I'd love to hear your idea!


Open the config file to tweak this mod (NomadicTents.cfg)


Enable/Disable the use of each tent

Enable/Disable sleeping in your tent. If this is off, beds will explode like they do in the Nether! You can also adjust how strict this is to allow sleeping through the night.

Enable/Disable players from walking into tents

Enable/Disable other entities from walking into tents

Enable/Disable respawning in tents when players die in a tent

Enable/Disable setting overworld spawn when players sleep in a tent

Enable/Disable non-Creative players from teleporting inside a tent

Enable/Disable non-Creative players using Super Tent Mallet

**Change dimension ID. Leave it blank to let Forge find one for you.**

Change percent chance of tepee blocks having designs. Just cosmetic :D


V1.x require Forge for 1.7.10 (built and tested with

V2.x require Forge for 1.8 (built and tested with

V3.x require Forge for 1.8.9 (built and tested with

V4.x require Forge for 1.9 (built and tested with

V5.x require Forge for 1.9.4 (built and tested with

V6.x require Forge for 1.10 (built and tested with

V7.x require Forge for 1.10.2 (built and tested with

V8.x require Forge for 1.11.2 (built and tested with

V9.x require Forge for 1.12.2 (built and tested with

WARNING:  For versions other than 1.12.0+ and 9.0.4+ you will lose items inside your tent when you upgrade it. This has been fixed in latest versions of Nomadic Tents.


A big thanks to chanicle for contributing the Yurt textures! If anyone has texture "fixes" or suggestions, PM me any time.



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