NC Splash (1.7)


Now available for Minecraft versions 1.10-12.2!

YouTube Channel for help with the mod!
NuclearCraft GitHub Here!

Summary (1.7.10-only content in italics, 1.10-12.2-only content in bold)

  • A modern physics Forge mod for Minecraft
  • Redstone Flux and Forge Energy compatibility
  • IC2 EU and Tesla support
  • Unique electric processors and generators
  • Full NEI/JEI compatibility
  • CraftTweaker support
  • Large, Complex Multiblock Fission Reactors
  • In-depth nuclear fuel system featuring 52 different fuel types
  • Epic Multiblock Fusion reactors
  • Complex fusion system of 7 fuels and 28 fuel combinations
  • Huge, Late-Game Multiblock Particle Accelerators
  • 5*5 Crafting System
  • More ores and materials
  • Additional weapons, tools and armour
  • Other things and stuff


  • Molten Salt Fission Reactors
  • Steam Turbines
  • Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Accurate Particle Physics based on QFT
  • Particle Accelerators, Colliders and Detectors
  • High-Energy Machinery
  • Probably other stuff
JEI is highly recommended for 1.10-12.2
NEI is highly recommended for 1.7.10
CraftTweaker Help
Mod Logo by QuantumTraverse!
Modpack Permissions: Feel free to go ahead and use this mod in your pack if you wish! I'd love to know which pack you're putting it in!

Head to the Wiki, the YouTube Channel or use the in-game tool-tip help with progression through the mod. Also feel free to just ask me directly if you need more info!


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