Occult Whispers

This mod is made to allow worship of certain gods/goddesses of some (mostly European) beliefs and myths


-More information on the mod's 1.7.10 release here:



-In the current version for MC 1.7.10

Currently the mod contains 10 gods you may follow, all of which you may give tribute to and in turn gain Faith, you may spend faith to call upon your god's powers in types of prayers and create a miracle/supernatural act.

You may gain faith by paying tribute to your god with certain ways, as specified in the mod's website.

Each god also has a sort of talisman, an object to channel their abilities, whether it be Poseidon with a trident, or Cernunnos with a torc.

(Keep in mind the mod contains some inside jokes if you get confused (I am terribly sorry : ( , future versions will exclude this))

Alert: as of March 4th 2019 - the 1.7.10 version of the mod will no longer receive updates

-In future versions most likely for 1.13+

Players will pray to their god in the appropriate fashions from that god's specific pantheon, the god may have a chance to respond, with increasing chance the higher the player's faith, increasing effectiveness, and higher chance depending on the player's location.

Certain actions have a chance to increase faith, while other actions will offend your god and decrease faith.




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