This mod is all about making oil and using it to make machines more efficient.




At this point there is only one fluid implemented, more will come in the future.


Oil: Oil is the most important fluid of the mod, the whole mod is based around it. Oil can be made in an oil compressor and it can be found in pools underground between y=30 and y=60



This mod only adds 3 machines at this point. 


Oil Compressor: This machines generates oil from items, it uses RF to do so. You'll find how to use the gui here:



1. This is the energy bar, it will show the ammount of RF in the machine.

2. This is the progress bar, it will show how long is left untill the item is compressed.

3. This is the input slot for the item you want to compress.

4. This is the fluid tank, it will show the ammount of oil in the machine.

5. This is the bucket slot, you can put buckets in to fill them.

6. This is the filled bucket output slot.

Oil Generator: This machine generates 80 RF/Tick from oil, the gui contains an energy bar, a fluid tank and some buttons. These buttons toggle where the machine will output it's energy to.

Oil Furnace: This machine functions like a normal furanace. It has a fluid tank, an energy bar, an input slot and an output slot. This machine will be 40% faster than the normal furnace when supplied with oil.



Potion Effects:

At this point there is only one effect in this mod.

Slippery: This effects makes it hard for you to hold stuff in your hand, this will cause you to drop your held items sometimes.


User recipes:

This mod adds the ability for users to add their own recipes to the game, this only applies to the oil compressor at this moment. If you look in your config folder after running the mod once, you'll see a folder called oilcraft, in this folder you'll see a file called recipes. This file contains 2 brackets. I'll show how a file can look and what every 'tag' does. If you decide to copy what's down below, be sure to not copy the stuff behind the slashes.


    "compressor": {
        "recipe": {
              "inputType": "minecraft", //This can accept a few things being: "oredictionary", "id" or a mod id like
                                       "minecraft" or "oilcraft". This specifies what you'll need to put in for the next tag.
                "inputItem": "carrot", //This can accept things based on what you put for the inputType. If you put
                "oredictionary" this tag should be the ore dictionary name like "logWood". If you put
                "id" in the previous one you should put the item id like "1". If you put a "minecraft",
                "oilcraft", etc. you neet to put the item name like "carrot" "glowstone_dust"
                "compressTime": 200, //This number specifies the time it takes to compress the item
                "oilAmount": 100, //This number specifies the amount of oil you get from one item
                "energyAmount": 1000,//This number specifies the amount of rf the conversion of one item takes
                "meta": 0 //This number specifies the meta data value of the input item, this is optional
        "recipe": {
            "inputType": "minecraft",
            "inputItem": "potato",
            "compressTime": 200,
            "oilAmount": 100,
            "energyAmount": 1000


OOClan supports OilCraft:


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