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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7


  • [MC1.10.2+] Update: Improved JEI integration. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.8.9+] Fixed: agents dropping items potentially deleting some. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.8.9+] Fixed: getName() on nanomachines crashing. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: blocks potentially not deinitializing on unload, leading to all kinds of issues (UUID changes in particular). (Sangar)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: broken keyboard rendering. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: commands breaking /help. (Vexatos)
  • [MC1.9.4+] Fixed: missing potion effects in nanomachines. (Vexatos)
  • Added: Allow addons to register their floppies for loot disk cycling. (Vexatos)
  • Added: Allow debug cards to send messages to one another and text to a debug card. (Vexatos)
  • Added: Fire item toss event when agents try to drop items into the world. (Sangar)
  • Added: MFU. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: Card container in tablets not working. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: pastebin get, low mem loadfile. (payonel)
  • Fixed: screens stopping to respond *in some configurations* when their chunk is loaded. (Sangar)
  • Fixed: Several drones are dropped if screnched quickly. (Vexatos)
  • Fixed: Waila's issue. (Sangar)
  • Update: German localization. (Vexatos)
  • Update: LuaJ and JNLua for better UTF-8 handling. (gamax92, Sangar)
  • Update: OpenOS 1.6.1. memory, performance, devfs, relative links, term safe slow write. (payonel)
  • Update: OPPM floppy to use new install features. Also updated OPPM. (Vexatos)
  • Update: Plan9k. (magik6k)