1.12.2 Version released!


You can join our Discord Server here:

Open Modular Passive Defence can be found here.

1.10.2/1.11.2/1.12 Builds require the OMLib build for their respective Minecraft version. 1.7.10 is NOT SUPPORTED anymore, 1.10/1.11 will receive limited support.



Update 3.1.0 (in dev, only for 1.12.2):

  • Added: Fluid Support for cooling bases (WIP)
  • Added: Turrets honor team settings. (WIP)
  • Added: Limits for how many turrets at one base (done)
  • Added: Recipe Upgrade paths for bases (WIP)
  • Added: Mod based recipes for addons/upgrades (WIP)
  • Added: Thermal Expansion recipes (WIP)
  • Changed: Railgun damage now scales based on targets armor (WIP)
  • Changed: Laser rework (more realistic effects/behaviour) (WIP)

Update 3.0.0 (fully released for 1.1x):

  • Added: Wall Variants, also in a new mod (done)
  • Added: A proper API and changes to make developing addons for OMT easier (done)
  • Added: Tesla Power API Support (done)
  • Added: Forge Energy support (done)
  • Added: blacklist for targeting and whitelist for ammo slots (done)
  • Added: Item to copy settings from one base to another (done)
  • Added: Upgrade to make mobs killed by mobs drop loot as if a player killed them (done)
  • Added: The One Probe support (done)
  • Added: ComputerCraft support in 1.10+ (done)
  • change: camo system rework (done)
  • change: more tooltips/ingame descriptions to make mod easier to understand for newbies (done)
  • change: complete rewrite of the targeting and projectile system (done)
  • Supported Energy Systems: RF, FE (Forge Energy), EU and Tesla.


A lot of time has gone into making the mod much, much more flexible for server owners/admins. Everything from disabling specific turrets, mod recipe usage, turret volume and global targeting parameters can be customized to the server's needs. Check out the new configuration file for details. We strongly suggest you remake your config, aka deleting the old one, start client/server once and then change the new file or else you will have obsolete entries that do not work in it.


Wiki coming soon. In the meantime, you can use IGW Mod for in-game info about the mod.


You can grab it from the files tab on this page. Please report any bugs/issues to our GitHub page:


Thanks to the following people, groups and communities whom have made this new iteration for 1.7+ possible:








Grab the latest stable releases from this project page, and the dev builds from here:



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