Perfect Spawn


This mod allows map makers / server owners to set the exact spawn point of a world. You can also specify the start dimension.

To use this mod you place a file called PerfectSpawn.json in the main minecraft / server directory or (in a singleplayer environment) in the main directory of a save. The file has to have the following format:

   "spawnDimension": 1,
   "spawnX": 50,
   "spawnY": 70,
   "spawnZ": 60,
   "exactSpawn": true,
   "forceBed": true,
   "spawnProtection": true

This config file sets the spawn point to X:50,Y:70,Z:60 in the end, enables beds, spawn protection and forces an exact spawn.

If you create a file you always have to specify spawnX,spawnY,spawnZ and spawnDimension. exactSpawn, spawnProtection and forceBed are optional and default to true.

  • "exactSpawn" : Specifys whether players will respawn exactly at the specified spawn point.
  • "forceBed": Specifys whether PerfectSpawn should force beds to be possible in the spawnDimension
  • "spawnProtection" : Allows Spawn Protection in changed spawn dimensions.

A PerfectSpawn.json in a world directory overrides the one in the main dictionary.

You can use the command "/ps reload" to reload all config files and apply them instantly.

This mod class transforms all WorldProviders it finds, if you get a crash that only happens while using PerfectSpawn come to me first!


Instead of creating the json files manually you can also use the /ps set command to change the spawn ingame.


If you wanna add Perfect Spawn to a modpack / ship it with a map feel free to do so.


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