Planttech : first buds

Do you want to try something new ? Do you want to play with plants? Do you want to play with technic ? Then you don´t have to go on looking! Here comes Planttech!



For all information, use the following link:





MC-versions: 1.8 & 1.9 & 1.10





Install minecraft and run it at least once.

Download and install Forge

Select the ”Forge” profile in your minecraft launcher.

Run this one time.

Search for %appdata% in your file browser.

Insert the planttech mod into the mod folder.

Start minecraft with the “Forge” profile again.


Requires Java 8!


Your way into planttech ingame:


Craft a guideblock








All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated(10.09.2015 by Chrisland (Ingamename: Kaneka).

You are allowed to:

  • play the mod
  • use the mod in your modpack(private and public)
  • making videos about the mod
  • posting the mod on your webside(but only if my name is mentioned and link my forum thread!!!)
  • using my images (but don’t do your waterbranding on it and mention the source of them!!!)


You are not allowed to

  • Say that you made the mod
  • post anything about the mod without mention me and the forum thread(or the curse forge project)
  • make your own download link for planttech, use the one from curse forge linked in the download section

For more information and contact to me:


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