PLAYFUL Modern 1.12

☆ A creator of the world should have wonderful dwelling for rest.

About 32×32px texture. (This version includes 16px, 24px, 48px, 64px images slightly.)
・This is the resource pack which a Japanese made from playful mind.

・This resource pack can be used without Mods.
・This resource pack contains sound files, model - json files, blockstates - json files.
・The recommended language is “US English” and “Japanese”.

2 August 2017:Second Update for Minecraft 1.12
・Fixed the bug in the Redstone Torch.
・Changed the texture of the doors. It can be used as a window.
・Grass Color was restores to default.
・Changed the texture of Stone, Blue Orchid. And fixed some textures of blocks.

9 June 2017:Update for Minecraft 1.12
・Added the texture of Bed. These are 16 types of interiors that can be used as a sofa, bench, or low table. If you want a bed, you can make a big modern bed by connecting some simple type of them.
・Added the texture of Glazed Terracotta.  The display of these blocks is different from default setting of minecraft. And they are not compatible with other resource packs. If you use “Glazed Terracotta” a lot, backup the save data of the world.
・Added the texture of Llama’s body.
・Changed the shape of Torch, End Rod, Anvil, Mushroom.
・Fixed some textures of blocks, items, and GUI.

■ This textures and sounds was made by TRMH86. Please do not redistribute them.
■ This resource pack can be freely used for video and screen shots. But It is only for your personal and non-commercial use.


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