PM Dumper 2

PM Dumper 2


This is a mod that can dump some things to the CSV tables with additional TXT data.

Currently supported:

  • Items (ID, Metadata, Display Name, Is ItemBlock, Class Name, NBT Tag Compound).
  • Blocks (ID, Properties, Class Name).
  • Capabilities (Interface, Default Instance Class, Storage Class).
  • Enchantments (ID, Name, Class Name, Levels, Rarity, Is Curse, Type, Allowed on Books, Is Treasure, Enchantability)
  • Entities (ID, Name, Class Name).
  • Loot Tables (ID, Loot Data in JSON).
  • Models (Variant, Class Name).
  • Sound Events (ID).
  • Biomes (ID, Name, Temperature, Base Height, Class Name, Is Snowy, Can Rain, Rainfall, Base Biome, Filler Block, Top Block, Spawn Lists).
  • Villager Professions (ID, Skin, Zombie Skin, Career Names).
  • Potions (ID, Name, Class Name, Is Bad Effect, Is Instant, Is Beneficial, Curative Items).
  • Advancements


/pmdumper <all|dump name>

To list available dump names, just use "/pmdumper".

After executing the command, the "~dumpname~_~datetime~.csv" and "~dumpname~_~datetime~_counts.txt" files should be created in "pmdumper" directory inside your Minecraft data directory (.minecraft, for example).







PM Dumper 1.x.x:

PM Dumper

This mod can dump:

  • Model names (It can be useful for finding mods, which eats RAM)
  • Items
  • Fluids
  • Blocks (WIP)
  • Smelting Recipes
  • Sounds



/pmdumper items <txt|csv> - create dump of all the items and ItemBlocks.

/pmdumper models <txt|csv>- create dump of all the model names.

/pmdumper fluids <txt|csv> - create dump of all the fluids.

/pmdumper sounds <txt|csv> - create dump of all the SoundEvents.

/pmdumper recipes_smelting <txt|csv> - create dump of all the furnace recipes.

/pmdumper blocks <txt|csv> - create dump of all the blocks (WIP).

Dumps saves to the ".minecraft/pmdumper" directory.



-Crafting recipes dumping.

-Loot tables dumping.

 CSV and TXT dump differences:

CSV dump dumps a .csv table without any additional info (counts, etc ...).

TXT dump dumps a fancy text-based table in .txt format. It contains additional info (counts, etc ...).

Example output:

Items Dump:

Model Names Dump:


Fluids Dump:


 Sounds Dump:


Smelting Recipes Dump:



Also, we now have a Discord server: click


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