Pollution of the Realms

Pollution of the Realms is a mod that introduces blocks of carbon and sulfur emissions from the combustion of various fuels.

These blocks are generated around fuel burning sources, fly into the air, accumulate in the clouds, and if unchecked , will affect plants, animals and players in several ways (see "Negative effects").


This mod represents the problem of air pollution and encourages players to seek various paths to mitigate its consequences. 

Requires ForgeEndertech library.

For best results, use with Advanced Chimneys.

Key Features

  • Visible carbon, sulfur and dust blocks of varying density levels
  • Dynamically generated clouds of pollution spread by the wind
  • Soil pollution from spilled oil and oil products
  • Clouds of dust around grinding and crushing machines
  • Reduced visibility when the smog accumulates too much
  • Damaging impacts on trees, plants, crops, grass, farmland, players and animals
  • Full customization via config files, including the ability to add your own configs for fuels and emitters


  • Furnaces
  • Torches
  • Fire
  • Lava
  • Explosions
  • Machines
  • Animals and players

Negative effects

  • Staying in the emission block without protection leads to suffocation and death
  • Animals born in polluted chunk have base health reduction
  • Light opacity of carbon blocks obscure underlying area making it a good spot for hostile mob spawning

Global harmful effects


  • Wither (pollution percentage > 90) (lethal)
  • Nausea (pollution percentage > 80)
  • Poison (pollution percentage > 70) (not lethal)
  • Slowness (pollution percentage > 60)
  • Weakness (pollution percentage > 50)
  • Hunger (pollution percentage > 40)
  • Mining Fatigue(pollution percentage > 20)


  • Wither (pollution percentage > 90) (lethal)
  • Blindness (pollution percentage > 50) 
  • Poison (pollution percentage > 30) (not lethal)

..more about harmful effects

Cleaning and Protection

You can clean up the polluted chunk with a special tool - the vacuum tube.

There's three types of vacuum tubes: iron, golden and diamond. Each type has a different performance (from low to high).



Note that emissions can't be stored in the inventory (they will seep through you pockets and spread around), so you will also need a vacuum bag (each type has a different capacity).

  • Put on the bag and take the tube in your hand.
  • Aim on the emission block, holding right mouse button, to vacuum-clean.
    Each vacuum bag has a limited capacity, so make sure you've crafted enough of them.


As the pollution level grows, the harmful effects grow as well. To protect your self, you may need to craft a respirator (each type has a different durability).

To prevent sulfur emissions from entering the atmosphere or the greenhouse, place the wool filters on the top or in the middle of the chimney pipes.

You may also need an Aerometer to check the pollution level of the chunk you are in.


Confined spaces

Special care should be taken if you place the source of emissions within a confined space, as this can lead to suffocation or even an explosion.

To prevent fatal consequences make sure of providing a good ventilation, using chimneys, vents and pumps.

Every pump could maintain 4 independent ventilation lines up to 16 blocks in length each (connected from the side) and one chimney pipe (connected to the top).


As a last resort, you could push emission blocks with your hand (more efficiently, holding some item) towards the way out.


Despite the fact that carbon emissions are poisonous for animals and players, they are vital for plants, as they absorb carbon during photosynthesis to take energy for growth.


You can benefit from that by planting crops in areas contaminated with carbon, or by building greenhouses and pumping carbon into them.


To prevent spread of emissions around the furnace, you can place chimneys next to it.

You may need to place additional chimney pipes if your furnace generates too much emissions.

If the chimney is covered by solid block and emissions have no way to go, they will accumulate and subsequently explode.


Supported mods


  • Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks.
  • You are allowed to use it without asking for permission.


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