Poor Metals

If you've ever used railcraft then I'm sure you'll know what this is, but if you haven't then it's very simple. This mod just adds poor variants of vanilla, base metals, and nether metals ores. I'll probably also integrate end metals and modern metals in the future.  Recently implemented.


The  ores smelt for 3 nuggets a piece, though right now as of writing that smelting hasn't been implemented yet. It's been implemented. Right now the nether metals and base metals poor ores will not register if their corresponding mod is not loaded, though that may change in the future. A config option was recently added to override that.


Also right now the ores don't generate yet and I'm not sure if I should even generate them or leave that up to other people to do with generation mods.


Disclaimer: this is NOT an official MMD project; it's just related to it.


Note: I've been too busy with another project to do any more work on this project. Feel free to make a pull request on github if you want.


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