Poseidon Servers modpack

This modpack is an exploration, creative fun modpack for people of all types. It does not require you to go into depth with any of the mods, however you can go as far into as you like! Either way you go will be enjoyable whether you do everything possible in the game, or merely stick to one side of the modpack.


When you load in you can spawn in any terrain and begin your own survival adventure. Once you are in the game you will have a book in your inventory that can be used as a guide for if you do not know what to do or where to go. In the game there are also modded natural structures you can find and explore!


As you play this modpack you will discover more about the game as you get into it. Everything about it is going to be great for when you start!





This modpack is something that is being developed and needs to be shared with people who are helping with the development.


Mods include:

+ AE2

+ Baubles

+ EnderIO

+ Extra Util

+ IronChest

+ Inventory Tweaks

+ Ironchest

+ Map Writer 2

+ Magical Crops

+ Veinminer

+ Inventory Pets

+ Tinkers' Construct

+ Supportive mods (mantle, etc.)



- Journey Map


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