Power Conversion Pack 1.2


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    Jan 6, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


V1.2 - The Magic and Other Mods Update

New Mods Added:


-Alchemic Ash

-Aura Cascade Unofficial

-Lord Craft 2.3.2d (I could have made it Lord Craft 1, and if I did another Modpack that's 1.12.2 I'd go with 2 maybe if I were to go with 1 for here, but 1 is very lacking and 2 adds a lot more and could be better for the pack (for stability I think also) so I thought to just go for the latest 1.10.2 which isn't as awkward as the TSON Craft 3 & 4 situation at least from memory)


-Matter Vortex

-TamModized/Void Craft

-Vanilla Magic

-Vitality 2.3.2 release (2.4 crashed so I used the version before for compatibility reasons)


Considerations not added but might have:




-Aura Cascade, while the 1.10.2 version is a release version, it can be known for crashes/bugs even for being a port of the 1.8.9 version. So if it gives you trouble remove it, if not leave it in if you wish to.


-Modsquad/Tesla Essentials (as its also known) is a bit awkward I think but I feel its the 1.11.0 version rather than the 1.10.2 version from memory.


No update to the save/showcase world though (mostly due to the pack size and lack of reason for it really/and being the Power Conversion Pack too I guess), since I assume most would prefer the pack, and also if I did make the world better with a few features for more access and understanding of the mods that might need a bit playing around with besides the 'iconic blocks and odd placement' that it is really.


If any issues let me know, or remove/disable the mods that give you issues. I'll see what 'recommended' versions work out for another release if you want to necessary beneficial compatibility changes/versions to go for. :)