Primal Times (A Prehistoric Environment!)







Man! I wish I can go back 20,000 or 10,000 BC! Nah..... maybe 2 MYA? I dont know! Wait... this map has EVERYTHING!

Primal Times (will be changed) is a Environment Map that bases its time around many time periods. From the Early Paleozoic, to the Popular Mesozoic, to the Present Cenozoic. Cenozoic will base its map around the game Far Cry Primal, made by UBISOFT. It will also have few zones to it, the Early Cenozoic Zone, and Middle-Late. Mesozoic will have 3 zones, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Paleozoic will have a mix of Biomes.

This Map will have Survival and Creative modes. Survival will ONLY be survival. Creative will be Creative and freeroam.

You will spawn in the Cenozoic, due for its safest climate and area. Mesozoic is very rough, and Paleozoic is very Barren and vast.

This Map will be updated, along with a mod of mine, and maybe.... a Texture Pack!

Zones of the Cenozoic:

The Middle Lake: This lake is the mouth of many rivers, has an large island in the middle, and not really the middle.

Northern Ice: Very Cold and vast, Trees here and there

Northern Plains: Vast and Cold, No Trees.

Northern Mountains: Hard to Climb Snowy Mountains

The Great Glacier: A Glacier that is located in the Northern Mountains


This map is Survival friendly
Credit me (in the chat, name, rule board) on a server using this map
Reccomended mods is "Tough as Nails" (Seasons and Temperature)
Incompatible Mods is "Streams"
Will have a Survival Server on this map, Official Server.





THIS MAP IS HUGE! Exploring everything will be like.... nearly impossible.

THE SPACE IT TAKES UP! This already so far is 500 MegaBytes. That's just the center! And the Center...... 20 mins north to south SO FAR. So if you like exploring, this map is like... perfect.

Credit me to this link if you do a video on this.

Reposting this on a different cite, and distributing and editing without my permission is NOT ALLOWED!



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