Project Ozone 2: Reloaded

Welcome Adventurer, to Project Ozone 2: Reloaded. We of the Titan Council have placed you in a blank canvas world to start anew from the calamity of Project Ozone and Error 404. The rules are the same as last time complete quests as you go along to obtain sweet loots and extra lives. The Titan Council consisting of OG_Arist0tle, Kayjaxx, BaconBrotato, BrickBosworth, LadyArist0tle, LukasMc, Slikrick, TheCazadorSniper, Seyeght, and others will be watching from the heavens.


Normal Mode: Recipes are similar to Project Ozone.


Titan Mode: Recipes are harder to deal with than before. Prepare yourself to learn new ways to go through Project Ozone 2.


Kappa Mode: Recipes are a lot worse to deal with than before. Prepare yourself to learn new ways to go through Project Ozone 2.




Project Ozone is still a pack based off of freedom however the introduction of Titan Mode will make gameplay slightly more linear. Kappa mode is the titan mode to titan mode, which will come later.


Thank you all 964 people in the Curseapp community for testing Project Ozone 2. :D

If you would like to join our Curse community here is the link: Curse Invite


It is not cool to re-host this pack on other platforms.



If making a server of Project Ozone 2, please blacklist continuum orbs and the luckybell necklace.

Server File: 2.3.0 Server File

Aether like generation- level-type=SKYLANDS 

GOG- level-type=botania-skyblock


Do not send me issues dealing with Curse or Curseapp.

You have a number of days after my post to continue troubleshooting an issue or the issue will be closed.


Thanks to all the donors :P | The List

If you donate, please let me know so I can add you to The List :P.

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