Restricted Public Software License



Version 1.3.1

© MrTJP 2013


0. Definitions


RPSL: Restricted Public Software License


Minecraft: Denotes a copy of the Minecraft game licensed by Mojang AB


User: Anybody that interacts with the software in one of the following ways:

   - play

   - decompile

   - recompile or compile

   - modify

   - distribute


Mod: The mod code designated by the present license, in source form, binary

form, as obtained standalone, as part of a wider distribution or resulting from

the compilation of the original or modified sources.


Dependency: Code required for the Mod to work properly. This includes 

dependencies required to compile the code as well as any file or modification

that is explicitly or implicitly required for the Mod to work.


Developer: Any User who is recognized as having significant contribution to 

the development of the Mod.  


Repository: The official repository presented by the Developers where the 

Mod source is available.


1. Scope



The present license is granted to any User of the Mod. As a prerequisite, 

a User must own a legally acquired copy of Minecraft. All Dependencies of 

this Mod must also be legally acquired.


2. Liability



This Mod is provided 'as is' with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The 

Developers take no responsibility for anything that happens.


3. Play rights



The User is allowed to install this Mod on a client or a server and to play 

without restriction.


4. Modification rights



The User has the right to look at the Mod source code and modify it. No matter 

how heavily it was modified, it cannot be used for anything more than to 

contribute it to the actual Mod.


5. Derivation rights



The User has the rights to write code that extends or instanciate the Mod classes 

or interfaces, refer to its objects, or calls its functions. This code is known 

as "derived" code. If any User derives code from this Mod, clear and explicit 

credits must be given to every Developer of this Mod, as well as means of locating 

the Mod source. Any part of the code that is copied without proof of written 

permission from a Developer is not considered derived.


6. Distribution of original or modified Mod



By default this Mod may only be distributed on its own by the Developers. 

It may be included in a mod pack with other mods, as long as it is 

(a)non-profit and (b)legal. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money is 

strictly forbidden without advance written permission.


A User is allowed to freely copy and distribute the API files found under the

API package or from a separate download, so long as it is not edited in any way.