Practical Space Fireworks

Entry for ModJam 2018.1:

Practical Space Fireworks adds modular satellites. Build them any way you want and then fire them into the depths of space! Build them up in world and watch your creation fly off. There are several modules available including:

  • Entity detectors
  • Entity markers
  • Solar panels
  • Terrain scanners
  • Batteries

Some of these modules can be used together to create more complex functionality.

To get started, try building a simple rocket with one thruster, two fuel tanks, and a controller. Load the fuel tanks with a Fuel Loader, then right click the controller to prime it. You’ll need a Remote Control System to launch it, which can be done by selecting the craft in a list and clicking “Launch”.


More extensive description to come in future once the mod is more complete!

We have a Discord Server! Here you can discuss the mod, and find development builds.



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