** This mod is more meant to be used as a modpack addon, but if you want to make your survival world better, then feel free to use it **

** Also its better to setup map for it, otherwise most of this mod functions are useless ** 



When you're playing on Forge server it's suggested to turn off custom player inventory on both server and client - in config file



All pubg weapons

Bandages, energy drinks, painkillers. medkits and more.

Vests, helmets, backpacks, ghillie suit and even night vision googles



Main features:

Weapons, grenades.

New ways of healing without potions - energy drinks, painkillers, adrenaline syringes, bandages, first aid kits and medkits. Everything in simple 3D model (except weapons for now).

Inventory limit, you have to wear backpack to unlock more slots.

Loot spawners: Simple way to add loot generation to your map

Atachments for your weapons: Everything from suppressors to extended magazines


Config: You can change/disable almost everything like inventory, guns, airdrop loot, change gun loot to armor and healing items loot, range for airdrops to dissapear and much more!



Airdrops - automatically disapear when player is more than 40 blocks away (this can be changed in config)


Can be spawned using the /airdrop command


Custom blocks like chairs, tables (more furniture will be added), crates, road blocks, iron fence or even bushes where you can hide. 

I also have some new armor and helmets for extra protection.


Plans for future

Parachutes - planned for 2.3 version

Night vision - 3D model - planned for v2.3

Ghillie suit overlay over player armor - planned for v2.3


Weapon rendering with 3D models and animation

ADS mode

Guns and attachments for them - planned for v2.3 or 2.4

Structure generation

Customizable playzone

Crafting recipes - custom ores etc

Some entities

And more. If you have any suggestion, feel free to tell me. If it will fit the PUBG in Minecraft theme, theres no problem adding that




Mod should be working in multiplayer so invite your friends for even more fun.


You can now do battles with each other and see who is the best survivor.



Plans for 2.3.0-release version:

This is list of features I would like to add, but that doesn't mean they will be added if some problems appear!


- 3D Weapon rendering with animations

- Weapon attachments

- Adding attachment to world loot and airdrop loot

- Parachutes

- Night vision googles model

- Ghillie suit overlay render




CHANGELOG (all 1.12.2 versions):


Removed player inventory since it wasn't worth all the problems it created

Improved all scopes for better visibility

Guns now can switch firemodes by pressing the B key.

   - Note: Not all guns can swicth firemodes

Improved the /loot generate command:

   - Now you can use the /loot generate airdroploot to have chance to spawn a airdrop loot inside the loot spawner

Reduced the MK-47 mutant volume

The Win94 now plays the reloading sound

Now your sensitivity adapts to scopes for better experience

Changed the bullet textures

Molotovs no more deal so much fire damage

Improved main menu

Airdrop spawned from flare guns should no longer spawn on block edge

New command: Airdrop

   - This will call airdrop on random connected player

   - The drop won't spawn when there are no players in survival mode!

   - It has 2% chance of running multiple times, so more players can get drop

   - When player gets targeted by the drop, he will get message telling him about it

   - The spawning process runs 10x so most airdrops from one command can be 10

   - Chance of getting 10 drops at once is: 2e-18 or 0.000000000000000002% :)



Improved reloading time on kar98k (single bullet reload now takes only 1.5 seconds)
Implemented simple main menu
Fixed the "ItemGhillie has been registered twice..." warning
Implemented gun sounds
Fixed the light not being able to place anywhere
Fixed case item chance math which prevented you from getting better stuff

Fixed the flare gun crashing dedicated servers

Now the boost value will persist if you disconnect from world



Quick server side hotfix

Overall packet fixes

Made reloading client side so now reloading times will take the correct time to reload

Player death crate now has better spawning logic so it won't replace any of your blocks in world

If player dies with empty inventory crate won't spawn

Removed hit delays on all entities

In multiplayer other players should be now able to hear gun sounds (Custom gun sounds will be added in the next update)

Some code optimization + upgrades



Improved grenade spawning math
Bushes no longer render solid if your graphic option is set to FAST
Added flare gun
Decreased overall bullet gravity effect
Renamed option for disabling third person in config to avoid confusion
Changed bullet textures
Remade bullet entity system
Increased shotgun damage
Shotgun damage decreases over distance
Improved boost system - it should now be working properly in multiplayer and the boost indicator will change color based on your boost value
Added SMGs (Micro-Uzi, UMP-9, Vector, Tommy gun)
Added ARs (m16a4, m416, scar-l, qbz, aug, akm, groza, mk47, akm)
Added LMGs (dp-28, m249)
Added DMRs (mini-14, qbu, sks, slr, mk14, VSS)
Added ARs (kar98k, m24, awm)
Improved overlay position (to further improve this I added 2 options to config)
Fixed reloading taking wrong ammount of ammo
Added more airdrop loot gen options to config
On player death crate with player items is created on the ground
Added scope overlays
Added night vision googles
Fixed /loot generate|clear command couldn't be used by command blocks

Added keybind for toggling night vision - N by default

Fixed reload packet throwing errors on servers
Some code optimization, hotfixes


Added gun aiming - to aim you have to use left mouse button  *This isn't ADS yet, but it will come :)

Added gun recoil (both vertical and horizontal)

Added R45 revolver

Added Sawed-Off shotgun

Added S1897 Shotgun

Added S686 Shotgun

Added S12K Shotgun

Added Win-94

* Guns with italic text style don't have models yet!

Booster items change: You will no longer receive potion effects from consuming these items!

Added text overlay above hunger bar which stores information about your boost value (max is 100)

Energy drinks will add 40 to your boost

Painkillers will add 60 to your boost

Adrenaline syringes will always max your boost

While your boost is above 50 you'll also gain speed boost + 1 heart regeneration every 30 seconds, otherwise you will only get 0.5 heart restored

Config: Added option to enable/disable use of third person mode

Bugfixes: Fixed issue when you had to right click your weapon twice to shoot

Fixed issue which could sometimes make your gun unusable

Fixed some reloading issues

Improved overall pistol range - before the gravity effect would it make impossible to shoot at ranges above 10 blocks


Fixed compatibility with reloading with some mods

Fixed reloading not working when you had more ammo types in inventory

Some code cleaning


Fixed server related problems

Updated to forge version 1.12.2-

Fixed some stuff being run on server side instead of client side


Fixed game crashing during preinitialization phase

Added R1895 revolver

- It has it's own reloading system, so instead of refilling whole gun on reload your ammo will increase by 1 (but obviously the reload time is greatly reduced)

Updated version in the message sent on join


Added grenades - he, molotov and smoke

Added first two guns for testing - P92, P1911

Added ammo for guns - 9mm, .45acp, 12g, 5.56mm, ...

Added loot generator block

Backpacks are now equipped on right-click (if custom inventory is enabled)

New command: /loot <generate | clear>generate will generate loot in all loaded loot generator blocks and clear will clear all items from loaded lootgen blocks

Created reloading system for guns - you have to hold your RELOAD key - default is R

Config changes:

Gun damage option (from 1 to 5x default value)

Inventory Limit - when custom inventory is enabled it will disable some inventory slots - unlockable with backpacks

Airdrop Loot generator - When Airdrop is spawned it will generate loot inside of it (for now only armor + medkit/adrenaline syringe/first aid kit)

Gun Loot - when false: on /loot generate command it will fill loot spawners with armor/meds/grenades, when true: nothing for now!


- Added Custom player inventory:

* Added Backpack slot - doesn't do anything in singleplayer without setup -> modpack with this mod is going to get updated for this

* Added Headgear slot, ghillie suit slot, guns and attachments slots - disabled because there are no features for this yet

* Your items in inventory are not saved when you load the world!

- Added config file *You can disable the custom inventory here

- Fixed some problems with the case and healing items sending too many warning messages when you are trying to use them when you can't



- Bandages and first aid kits are now usable only when player is below 75% of his healt (7,5 hearts)

- Medkits are now usable only when player is not fully healed

- Bandages heal 1 heart up to 7,5 hearts

- First aid kit will now recover your health to 7,5 hearts every time. Before it would heal only 4 hearts.

- Decreased time required to use Adrenaline syringe from 8 seconds to 6.

- Fixed backpacks throwing packet errors.


-Airdrops are now despawning when nearest player is more than 40 blocks away - this was issue in custom maps

-Airdrops now have smoke particles for better visibility

-Implemented custom player inventory with slots for ghillie suit, backpack/parachute(not added yet) and night-vision googles(not added yet). But it's turned off because of some major problems which should be fixed in release version. See source code for more.

-Updated the BETA case - more clothing

-Street lamps now react to day/night cycle

-Fixed the rare sunglasses rendered on the wrong side of player head

-Fixed some wrong sounds on some blocks


Mod is now being coded by me instead of using some third-party software

What does it mean?

- Mod is getting updated from 1.11.2 mcreator version to 1.12.2

- There is going to be many more features than before

- Better server support

- More options for everybody





Twitter for some info about updates.



Most images has been taken from my map which is in my modpack.


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