Quality Order (Clientside only)

 Development on Quality Order has been paused, since I am currently working on another "Creative enhancing mod". It will feature most, if not all, features of Quality Order, more GUIs, more in-depth item customization, better mod support. It will also rely less on the vanilla creative GUI, which in turn will make the mod more user friendly, when not being limited by the creative system. If you want to keep posted, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheZerotiger, where I'll try to post about my progress.

Current Features:

Easily find the items you need - all the tabs have been sorted and each of them has gotten a search field!


Not sure which item to grab? The icon for food, tools, and combat has been changed to the best item of their category!

Oh. You want banners, command blocks, structure blocks, firework, mushroom blocks, dragon eggs, useless books? Whatever you desire, Quality Order's Unavailable got it all!


Want more decoration blocks, but don't want to play on a modded server? Want to startle a friend or foe by tossing them their skull? Search no more, Quality Order has got you covered with the Skulls tab!


What? Some guy is litterally 100x stronger and faster than you because of some enchanted items? And that other guy whose shield fits really well with his customized armor - Why would you limit yourself. This is creative! Grab a copy of all these cool items in Quality Order's thieving tab!


Tired of memorizing all of the crafting recipes for banners? Don't want to use your creative god hands on a crafting table? Easily design your desired banner or shield in the Embroidery tab. Or just grab a copy of that banner standing over there.


Want to keep track of where you have been? Want to keep track of where your friends have been? Want to keep track of where every single person on the server has explored? Okay. I think you need a new hobby. Nevertheless, Quality Order's Cartography tab probably has something useful to someone like you.


Not convinced yet?

Check out the post on Minecraft Forum!


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