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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.1

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  • Java 8


- General: Added a new Client module, where all the features that don't require the server to have Quark fit. A bunch of features from other modules were moved here. Check the website for the full listing.
- Building: Added the Trowel, a new item that places random blocks from your hotbar.
- Client: Added Improved Sign Interface.
- Client: Added the Usage Ticker, a new HUD element that shows info about how many items/blocks you have left, and the status of your armor.
- Management: Fixed the Deposit chet button being able to place items in slots they shouldn't go into, such as Shulker Boxes inside other Shulker Boxes.
- Misc: Added Animal Poisoning. Baby animals can be fed Poisonous Potatoes to make them never grow up.
- Misc: Added Sweeping Edge to the list of valid Ancient Tome enchantments.
- Tweaks: Added Axe Leaf Harvesting. Axes will break leaves as fast as shears.
- Tweaks: Added Compasses Working Everywhere, which makes them work in the Nether and End, and disables them until they're crafted (to prevent recipe book cheesing).
- Vanity: Reworked Emotes.
    - All Emotes were changed to a new data format.
    - Added Weep and Think emotes.
    - Redid the emote sprites to a new 16x style.
    - Redid the emote menu to allow more to fit in larger GUI scales.
    - Added support for fully custom emotes. Here's a tutorial.