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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.1

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


- Vanity: More emote features!

    - Allow moving body pieces as well as rotating them. Use _off_x/y/z instead of _x/y/z to do it. For example, to move the head up 1 block in 1000 ms you'd use move head_off_y 1000 1. This is compatible with all the normal move modifiers.

    - Added a reset feature, which lets a model piece be set to all the default values. You can do this using reset (piece/all) (rotation/offset/all). For example, to rotate every piece's rotation in 500 ms, you'd use reset all rotation 500. To reset the head offset in 300 ms you'd use reset head offset 300, and to reset the left leg's offset and rotation in 1000 ms you'd use reset left_leg all 1000. While reset can not have delay/repeat/yoyo applied to it, it can be put inside a section, which itself can have these.

    - Added unit. Before you start your animation, you can define a speed unit, which determines the timeline at which the animation happens. The default unit is 1, so if you use unit 2, the animation becomes 2x slower. To make it 4x faster, for example, you'd use unit 0.25. One potential use of this is to make a dance with a defined tempo. A 120BPM song has a full beat every 0.5 seconds, so you could use unit 500, and then your move commands, and other time based commands will work in song beats instead of milliseconds. So something like move head_x 1 1.57 would rotate your head 90º in 500 ms, or one song beat. You can also just use this to tweak the global animation speed without changing all the values. 

    - Added the ability to use values with fractional parts in time based commands.

    - Fixed the emote error log being one line off.