Radiant Pixels

Here you have my current pack. I've working on it since January 2015, and I released it in April 2016, when I finally considered it complete. In December 2016 I released a huge update with a new style. Right now, I keep working on it. Here you can download...

★ Radiant Pixels ★


Graphical Tips

NOTE: Graphics (and leaves if using OF) MUST be set to Fancy, otherwise they will be broken.


Make sure you have these settings in Video Settings and Quality Settings:

  • Clear Water: ON
  • Better Grass: Fancy
  • Custom Fonts: ON
  • Swamp Colors: ON
  • Connected Textures: Fancy
  • Custom Sky: ON
  • Better Snow: ON
  • Custom Colors: ON
  • Smooth Biomes: ON
  • Custom Items: ON



  • All vanilla textures replaced (textures of new MC versions may take some time)
  • Vibrant, simple and eye-pleasing designs
  • Vanilla-like HD items (easily recognizable)
  • Minimalist, easy to use and consistent GUI
  • 3D models (featuring an awesome better leaves effect)[list]
  • CTM overlays (some blocks overlap other blocks so borders between them are not a straight line)
  • Random textures
  • HD Font (for readability)
  • Tons of OptiFine features (custom colors, CIT, CTM, custom sky, etc.)
  • Feel free to contact me with doubts, suggestions, tips, bugs or critics.


Terms of Use

You may:

  • Make reviews/showcases of this pack, providing proper credit and a link to this thread.
  • Use this pack in YouTube/Twitch videos (even monetized), providing proper credit and a link to this thread.
  • Use my pack in your maps, providing proper credit and a link to this thread.
  • Use some textures as placeholders, providing proper credit and a link to this thread.
  • Edit any texture or make a new resource pack for your own private use.

You may NOT:

  • Re-upload this pack anywhere and make it available to download.
  • Use this pack for commercial purposes (no AdFly or similar ones).
  • Use any edit of this pack for commercial purposes (no AdFly or similar ones).
  • Use this pack for SPAM.



  • Ventura, for inspiration and ideas for the new style.
  • Quadral, for inspiration and basic ideas.
  • Frenden's Meringued, another great pack and source of inspiration.
  • Vattic's Faithful, for some items.
  • Lots of people I don’t remember. If you feel you have been unfairly left out, please - let me know.


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