Railcraft Cosmetic Additions

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions



Minecraft Forge 1.7.10- or higher.

Railcraft or higher.


This mod adds cosmetic pieces to the mod „Railcraft“.


The mod currently includes:


  • Semaphore
  • Semaphore Repeater
  • Banner Repeater

Railway Signs

  • Whistle
  • 5MPH (Slow)
  • Limited Clearance
  • Limited Refuge
  • Limit of Shunt

Platform Pieces

  • Standard Section
  • Edge Section (Rotate-able with gap)
  • Edge Section with a Yellow Line
  • Transition Section (Step up to block level)


  • Track with Grass growing through it
  • Track with Cobweb over it

New Items for Crafting

  • Cart Wheels
  • Signal Arm
  • Blank Sign

New Cart Models 

  • Quarry Cart
  • Flat Cart
  • Wood Cart
  • Container Cart
  • Tanker Cart
  • Panzer Cart (doesn't have a recipe)

New Armor - Train Operator

  • Complete Suit with a Cap - Feel free to suggest more variants!

New Items

  • Whistle (sound included)

2.1.1 has arrived! 

Wood Cart

Stages 1-5

Stages 6-10


Container Cart

Container Cart


Tanker Cart

Tanker Cart


Train Operator Armor

Train Operator Armor


2.0 has arrived! (Preview release, expect changes of new carts!)


(There are yet to be many more models added, but this is a start I hope!)

This mod can now be used for creative and survival since the introduction of recipes!


You may include this in your mod-packs.


For recipes see this page.


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