Railcraft 10.1.0


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    Apr 20, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


  • NEW: Smoker and Feed Station restored.
  • NEW: Signal Boxes restored.
  • NEW: Turnouts, Wyes, and Switch Actuators restored.
  • NEW: Spike Maul is used to swap between Flex, Junction, Wye.
  • NEW: Sounds restored.
  • NEW: Added a SkyGen config for mines for testing purposes.
  • NEW: Added Bronze, Nickel, and Invar ores and metals. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • NEW: Added Brick variants of the new vanilla stone types. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • NEW: Pearlized Brick an Ender Pearl themed Brick added. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • NEW: Rolling Machine has been restored. Should fix most recipe issues.
  • NEW: Added Manual Rolling Machine, it requires no power, but requires the player's presence to craft. Does not interact with pipes.
  • NEW: Added Messenger Track Kit, a track that sends a chat message when passed. (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Riding and Ridden Routing conditionals replaced with the Rider conditional. See GitHub Issue #844 for details.
  • NEW: Placing a malformed Routing Table into device will now pop up the GUI to tell you it is erroring.
  • NEW: Sneak clicking with an empty hand on Routing device will now allow you to edit the contained Routing Table directly.
  • NEW: You can now disable Railcraft enchantments, and moved to Magic module.
  • CHANGED: Some of Brick recipes have been Tweaked to reflect various changes in Vanilla. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • FIX: Various IC2 integration fixes. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • FIX: Notepad should now interact with the world properly.
  • FIX: Charge Feeders should now properly respond to Redstone under all conditions.
  • FIX: Reduced Tunnel Bore log spam.