Railcraft 10.2.0 - MC 1.10.2


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    Sep 7, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


  • NEW: Metal Posts and Platforms have been restored. Other variants will come later.
  • NEW: World Anchors ported and renamed to Worldspikes.
  • NEW: Ported Block Signals and Distant Signals.
  • NEW: Token Signals have been added! Use to make junctions simpler and diagonals viable.
  • NEW: Added Zinc and Brass. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • NEW: Added Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Zinc batteries. Use them to help maintain your charge network.
  • NEW: Added Logbook, it records any player that passes within a 16 block radius of the block and they day they visited. It can only be broken by the owner.
  • NEW: Config files for the mine generator. Control everything about the generation, even create your own.
  • NEW: Added Filter items that can be used in Loaders and Detectors to match groups of items.
  • NEW: Filters include: Ore Dict Tag Filter, Metadata/NBT Ignore Filter, Generic Bee Filter, Bee Genome Filter.
  • NEW: Added Coal Dust, Ender Dust, and Void Powder (Coal Dust + Obsidian Dust + Ender Dust).
  • NEW: Added Crowbar Smack enchantment, super-boost Trains. (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Change the color of the smoker from Smokers using dyes. (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Jukebox Cart, with moving sounds! (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Whistles move with Locomotives! (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Added Bronze Borehead. (contribution by liach)
  • NEW: Added support for comments in Routing Tables: "//" or "#"
  • NEW: Added Shunting Aura to Goggles for inspecting train linkage issues.
  • NEW: "/railcraft debug" now prints the debug info for the block/cart the player is looking at.
  • CHANGE: Worldspike fuels have been rebalanced. Void Powder is the best default fuel now.
  • CHANGE: Migrate Powered Rolling Machine from RF to Charge.
  • CHANGE: Reworked crafting of various Charge related items. Added more intermediate items.
  • CHANGE: Rework some recipes in minor ways. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • CHANGE: Ore Dict Tag Plates, yes plates. You can stop whining now. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • CHANGE: Message Track command can now be used by just looking at the track you want to change and omitting the coords.
  • CHANGE: Status messages now go to the hotbar instead of chat. (contribution by liach)
  • CONFIG: Move Charge network debug spam to a config option.
  • CONFIG: Fixed Enchantment enabled/disable config.
  • CONFIG: Worldspike fuel config redesigned/renamed.
  • FIX: Boxes now respond correctly to redstone. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Improve Bore Head enchants and tool behavior. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Fixed village bankrupting himself. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Fix Bore infinite loop.
  • FIX: Fix routing crash.
  • FIX: Fix IC2 Feeder breaking. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Fix Tank Cart issues. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Various other minor fixes by liach.
  • FIX: Fix Train Dispenser and Locomotive matching. Issue #1262
  • FIX: Fix some annoying edge cases and faulty assumptions in the Item Loader code.
  • FIX: Fix various bugs in the Charge Network code, mostly related to usage/loss tracking.
  • FIX: Fix command permission levels issues.
  • FIX: Fix Destruction enchant. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Fix dupe bug with Tank Carts and Cargo Carts.
  • FIX: Fix command exceptions due to vanilla method overlap.
  • FIX: Outfitted Tracks should now drop both track and kit when destroyed/popped off. (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Exclude Command Block Minecarts from the entity cramming explosion code. Fixes World Preload Scripts.
  • FIX: High Speed Track should have the correct speed values now.
  • FIX: Dumping Track should check for empty space before dumping entities now.
  • FIX: Fix cart bounding box position issues. Issue #946
  • API: Moved some Cart Charge stuff to the API.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Steel Armor now has a toughness of 0.8. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Various behind the scenes improvements to ItemStack handling to facilitate eventually upgrading to 1.11.