RandomPatches is a mod that contains a bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft. RandomPatches only contains features that require ASM transformers. Tweaks that don't require ASM transformers go in RandomTweaks.


  • Increased hardcoded read and login timeouts so slower computers can connect to servers. By default, the read timeout is set to 90 seconds and the login timeout is set to 900 seconds. The read timeout is the time the server waits for a response to the KeepAlive packet it sends every set interval, which can also be configured. Functionally, the read timeout is rounded up to a product of the KeepAlive packet interval.
  • Option to force returning to the title screen after disconnecting rather than the Multiplayer/Realms menu (disabled by default). I wrote this to be used in conjunction with ServerObserver, because if you have auto-connect enabled and leave a server to go AFK, it just goes to the Multiplayer menu and ServerObserver automatically rejoins the server.
  • /rpreload and /rpreloadclient, which can be used to reload the configuration.
  • Everything is configurable in randompatches.cfg.

Note: There is a version that runs on every version from 1.8 to 1.12.2. I have no idea if it works on versions other than 1.12.2.


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