RandomTweaks is a mod that implements a bunch of miscellaneous tweaks for Minecraft. A lot of these I believe should be directly implemented into the game, while others are just useful to have around. There are also some features for modpacks, such as default gamerules and disabling the hunger reset on death.

When installed on the client, it is 100% compatible with vanilla servers. When installed on the server, it is 100% compatible with vanilla clients. Additionally, it is compatible with all versions from 1.10 to 1.12.2. Thanks to ACGaming, it even has a partial German translation.

If you find an issue, report it in the issue tracker above. If you have any suggestions or feedback, put it in the comments section or report it in the issue tracker as a suggestion. These are the rules for this mod

  • Features must not derive too much from the "vanilla theme".
  • Vanilla clients must be able to join servers with this mod installed, meaning features like items and blocks can't be added.

Features (some of these were taken from /r/minecraftsuggestions):

  • Reload the sound system. When changing the default audio device, Minecraft fails to update to the new device. This is especially annoying when using a Bluetooth headset, as they tend to disconnect. By default, F8 reloads the sound system. This is much faster than pressing F3+T, which reloads all resources, which can take up to 5 minutes, or even more in large modpacks.
  • More Roman numerals. Minecraft technically supports enchantments from -32768 to 32767, but it only has localizations for the levels 1 to 10. Similarly, Minecraft supports potion potencies from -128 to 127, but it only has localizations for 1 to 3. A resource pack that contained all of these values would be massive (several megabytes large), so this mod dynamically generates them with virtually no performance overhead.
  • Default gamerules. Supports different gamerules for different gamemodes and world types. A commented out (so effectively disabled) example is generated when the game is first launched. They are dynamically loaded every time a world is created, so you don't have to restart the game when you change them.
  • /hunger. Sets your hunger level and your saturation level.
  • /deletegamerule. Occasionally I accidentally create a gamerule and have to manually delete it in level.dat. This command allows you to delete gamerules.
  • /rtreload. Reloads the server-sided configuration. There is also /rtreloadclient, which reloads the client-sided configuration.
  • A configuration option to disable hunger resetting on death. There's also a minimum hunger value you can set so the player doesn't die instantly when you respawn.
  • Squid spawn control. Set the max squid pack size, the maximum allowed squids in one chunk, and how far a squid can spawn from a player. Inspired by SquidlessNote: The squid chunk limit doesn't stop squids from moving into another chunk that already has the maximum number of squids.
  • The bucket is moved to the Tools creative tab.
  • Ocelot healing. When you right click a tamed ocelot with raw fish, it heals.
  • Sleep tweaks. When a zombie pigman is not angry at you, you can sleep near it (from 1.12). When there is a monster nearby but it has a nametag, you can sleep near it. If Surge is detected, Surge's pigman sleep fix feature is disabled as this conflicts with it and does the same thing (plus more). On 1.10, it backports some of 1.11's sleep behavior, e.g. the "You may not rest now, the bed is too far away" message and more lenient range checking. To backport the message being a tooltip, use ChatFlow, with 
    ^(You can only sleep at night)$|^(You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby)$|^(This bed is occupied)$|^(Your home bed was missing or obstructed)$|^(You may not rest now, the bed is too far away)$

    as the matcher and 


    as the replacement.

  • The Realistic world type by /u/Soniop. This is also in Quark, so this feature is disabled by default if Quark is detected.
  • The Void world type. A completely empty void world with only a block to stand on (or not, if you've set it to air). The biome can be configured (default vanilla behavior or set), and so can the block and the block damage value.
  • The Void Islands world type. This is basically the Realistic world type, but most of the chunks are empty. The rarity of non-empty chunks can be configured.
  • The /give command allows for integer item IDs and amounts higher than 64.
  • A log filter system. Regex filters are defined in a file called logfilters.json in the RandomTweaks configuration directory. If a message matches a filter, it is not logged. More information can be found in logfilters.json after you run Minecraft with RandomTweaks for the first time. To get rid of some additional log spam on 1.10.2, e.g. the modid/registry name spam, try NoMoreLogSpam by nallar.
  • Spawn eggs are moved to their own creative tab.
  • A time of day overlay, toggleable per server/world. It's disabled by default (unless you change it in the config), but you can toggle it with \. I got this from InGame Info XML because I wanted to make it toggleable per server/world. It is disabled by default in Adventure mode and if doDaylightCycle is false.
  • A 'Ding' that plays when Minecraft or a world is loaded. I got this from iChun's Ding. This feature will be disabled by default if iChun's Ding is installed.
  • A Clear Chat keybind. By default, the chat can be cleared with I.
  • Every feature is configurable/toggleable in the configuration - even the option to enable contributor capes. There is also a configuration GUI that can be accessed from the Mod Options (or Mods if you're on the title screen).
  • The 1.11.2 version works on 1.10, 1.10.2, 1.11 and 1.11.2 with the same jar. The 1.12.1 version also works on 1.12.


  • Disable the item attack cooldown.
  • More commands allow for integer item IDs.
  • Possible backport to 1.7.10+.

Companion mods

Most mods from LightChocolate are nice to have, such as Fullscreen Windowed Borderless, JourneyMap, etc. There are also mods like Sound Filters, Quark, Muon, etc.


Go ahead; this mod has several features designed for modpacks. If the modpack is not hosted on Curse, a link to this page would be sufficient.


Enchanted Sponge

Void Islands

Void World

Reload Sound System


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