Recipe Research

This mod is an entry in Modjam 2018

Recipe Research allows you to use Json to control which recipes are available to a player.

The mod includes one block, the Scanner. To gain access to recipes, items must be scanned in the scanner, which will return research about that item. Players may use that research to unlock recipes. If you have JEI installed, recipes that are restricted will show their restriction, as well as which item to research to gain access to them.

Currently the scanner requires no energy, only time. You place the item in the scanner, and it will (may...) produce a Research item.

Example Config:

//The file should start with an array of recipes to control.
//Controlled recipes go in this array. The string should contain the name of the recipe.
"controlledRecipes": [
//The name of the item that will unlock these recipes when scanned.
"itemToScan": "minecraft:string",
//Required power to complete scanning. This is just # of ticks required currently.
//If a research doesn't exist, then it will take 1000 ticks when the item is scanned.
"requiredPower": 500,
//commandToRun will be run by the reciperesearch fake player, with op permissions. %player% will be replaced with
//the name of the player to trigger the research. This is optional.
"commandToRun":"/say %player% just discovered bows!",
//Chance the research will succeed. If not included will default to 100.




With this config in place, a player would not be able to craft Arrows, or a Bow, without first scanning some String. Scanning the string has a 50% chance to give you a Research note that will unlock the recipes. When the player uses the research note, the commandToRun will be execute, in this case it will send a message to everyone on the server that the player has completed the research. This could easily be used to grant gamestages, or do any number of other clever things.

The example config will generate the first time the mod is launched, and is very minimal, simply to provide an example of usage. Bows and arrows are locked behind string, and dispensers are locked behind Bows.


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