Recipes and More

Recipes and More

Adds new recipes for vanilla items, makes more vanilla items stackable and more. With complete configuration through the config file.


Note: Questions and other comments on the Project Page please! When posting issues there please use a spoiler for your crash report. I also set up a GitHub Page where you can post issues.


New Items

  • Chainmail - used to craft Chainmail Armor


New Recipes

  • Elytra

  • Magma Block

  • Name Tag

  • Horse Armors

  • Saddle

  • Rotten Flesh to Leather

  • Enchanted Golden Apple


Stackable Items

  • Boats
  • Beds
  • Cake
  • Minecarts
  • Potions (off by default: may cause bugs)
  • Snowball
  • Soups
  • Milk Bucket



You can use my mods in any modpacks as long as you do not intend to make money with them.



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