Redstone Armory

Redstone Armory is a mod that focuses on enhancing the Fluxed experience.


Gelid Enderium

Gelid Enderium is a new alloy created from Enderium and Gelid Cryotheum. The frozen energies have built up to provide much more power than before. It comes in Block, Ingot, and Nugget forms.

Gelid Gem

The Gelid Gem is a Fluxed Gem imbued with the properties of Gelid Cryotheum.

Gelid Rod

The Gelid Rod is a stronger version of the Flux-Infused Obsidian Rod.

Enderium Armor Plating

The Armor Plating is a very strong plating used in the creation of Enderium Armor.

Lapis Quisque

You have discovered a wonderful power: The power to emit fireworks from a block of purple Lapis Lazuli.


Enderium Flux

Created using the powerful Enderium Armor Plating, this armor boasts 95% damage aborption. However, this comes at the cost of 200RF for every damage you take.


Lumium armor isn't the strongest in the world, but it makes up for that by lighting your way. 


You have become one with the potato. And it is tasty. Tuberous Armor feeds keeps you fed at the cost of durability.


Gelid Enderium Axe

When empowered, the axe will allow the player to use a large amount of energy to rid the world of rain as well as spawning lightning bolts on the block they right click.

Gelid Enderium Pickaxe

When empowered, instead of dropping the items on the ground, they are teleported to a bound inventory. You can bind an inventory by shift right clicking it with the pickaxe. It will attempt to put the items in from whatever side you right click. You can view the bound information by mousing over the pickaxe in your inventory and holding Control. It also retains the 3 tall mining feature of the Flux-Infused Pickaxe. Hold shift to mine a single block.

Gelid Enderium Shovel

Right click to place bonemeal. Empower to place more.

Gelid Enderium Sword

Blocking while holding this will cause it to act as a magnet. The radius is wider while empowered.

Gelid Enderium Battlewrench

Currently just stores more energy than the Fluxed one.

Gelid Enderium Sickle

Currently just stores more energy than the Fluxed one.


As of build 8, all versions require the latest build ttCore to be installed. As of build 37, all versions require the latest build of EnderCore to be installed. All builds require the latest versions of ThermalExpansion, ThermalFoundation, CoFHCore, and RedstoneArsenal.


Alternate Downloads

Sometimes Curse publishing is slow. You can find every download (Along with all my other projects) on my Jenkins


IRC: #TehNut on Esper

Twitter: @OfficialTehNut


Github: TehNut


Modpack Permissions

For full details, view our license. Distributor rights are automatically given to any user who wishes to include the mod in their modpack if the intent is not malicious and/or commercial. I reserve the right to change this section as needed.

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