Redstone Repository Revolved


Redstone Repository Revolved is an addon to Redstone Aresnal which adds tools and weaponry which utilize Redstone Flux.

This addon allows you to upgrade these tools to Enderium based tiers for even more power.


Redstone Aresnal is required to play this mod! It can be found here: Redstone Arsenal

Baubles is also required to play this mod! It can be found here: Baubles


You also need Thermal Foundation, Thermal Expansion, and CoFH Core to play this mod!


This mod is Revolved, because it was pulled from CurseForge by its creator thundR, who later reposted the mod as MIT. This meant that i could post the mod here.


The main reason I did this is i am working on my modpack Project Sky and it was a major way to gate things, and the mod was recently deleted, said anyone could take it over and he flagged it as MIT, so here it is back, for future generations


Also you are welcome to submit PRs to see future light of the mod


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