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    Sep 16, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Mod Changes:
- Updated Accidentally Circumstantial Events to 1.12.10
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.18
- Updated ChiselFacades to 2.11-cricket
- Updated EnderCore to 2.0.38_beta
- Updated ExtrabiomesXL to 3.16.4
- Updated StorageDrawers to 1.10.2
Config Changes:
- ClimateControl
- Seemingly fixed the TC biomes spawning. Here's hoping. (Though I also nuked the trees and grass from them with BT, so even if they do spawn now, the only gain is mossy cobble)
- Forge Microblocks
- Readd Mariculture Limestone to list of blocks able to be cut into microblocks
- Garden Stuff
- Disable Compost being usable as bonemeal, as it has unintended capability of working on magical crops
- Magic Bees
- Buffed Hiveacynth Princess rates
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Fixed not updating energy cubes recipe output to match the way energy data is now stored on the item
Quest Changes:
- Fix gas tanks in "Getting Gassy" and "More Power!!"
- Fix task "Larvae" in "Brave New World" being a crafting task - is now correctly a detection task
- Fixed detection of Hohlraum in "Fusion Ignition 2"