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I can't believe it! The day is finally here! After about 9 months of hard work (and some down time, we work hard more places than here) between x3n0ph0b3 and I, Reliquary v1.2 is released!

We have a ton of new items, and I'm not even going to try to list every change we've made. Here are the ones you'll probably want to know about:

- We split Reliquary into a mod and a library called LibSandstone. LibSandstone should automatically download, so you don't need to worry about it.

- The Tome of Alkahestry works differently now. Start by adding Redstone to it via a crafting table, or shift-click to toggle auto-absorbing Redstone from your inventory. Then you can use it to duplicate items for a Redstone amount. Most of the old Alkahestry values will have some equivalent in the new one. The Nether Star recipe isn't reimplemented yet, but it will be coming.

- The Void Satchel has been removed.

- The Void Tear works more like a barrel now. When you right click, it will take items out of it a stack at a time. When auto-absorb is activated (shift-click, again), it will always leave a stack in your inventory.

Other than that, experiment! There are tons of new awesome items to mess around with, and will have a video or stream later on to show off all of these new items.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with the development of Reliquary, and I hope you enjoy this release as much as we did making it.