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  • 1.7.10

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Officially this beta build of the mod was never flagged as stable. There are new features in it, namely the ability to make potions with a mortar and pestle and an apothecary cauldron. They function very similar to how Skyrim potions function, with some very obvious fundamental differences if you're willing to experiment. There are an exceptionally large number of config options added in this [and any previous] version.


Aside from this and some important bug fixes, very little actually changed.


The reason for its never being released is nebulous. In any official capacity it is at least as stable as the last official release, with the exception of the potion system which is "unpolished" but functional, and a known bug involving the tome of alkahestry in contemporary auto-crafting tile entities [cyclic assembler, et al], which caused a crash. At the time of writing, the last known state of the crash was "owned" by COFH, anectdotally, but never confirmed to be their fault. Since that time, we've been busy with real life and failed to tend to the mod with our time or attention and it has languished as a result.


I'm releasing it here so that users can take a look, at least partially, at what we had in store for the new mob drops, and perhaps breathe some life into an otherwise dusty old mod.


Other features were planned for future releases and have since been shelved. I [x3n0ph0b3] lack the time and energy to devote to some of my [not particularly ambitious] designs. As with many times prior, this may change at some unspecified time in the future, and I make no promises as to the future of the mod, or my intention to continue.


It's been a good run. I hope you guys enjoy the mod. It's open source, so if anyone wants to pick up the torch, feel free to fork the repo, re-release. The assets are public domain [mostly made by me] or any contribution therein exists in creative-commons [sound effects]. The LGPL license allows for redistribution, at-will, generally without exceptions, provided the derivation also remains LGPL. There's nothing stopping you from selling it, but as a polite gentleman, I'd kindly prefer you didn't.


Comments and criticism still welcome. Enjoy. :D