Resizing Potion


Requires Forge 1.12.2 - to run



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Resizing Potion adds two potions, one that shrinks the player, and one that grows the player.

Potion Buffs/Debuffs:

Growth Potion Stats:

  • +50% Attack Damage * Amplifier
  • +50% Knockback Resistance * Amplifier
  • +25% Step Height * Amplifier
  • -20% Speed * Amplifier
  • -30% Attack Speed * Amplifier

Shrinking Potion Stats:

  • +50% Speed * Amplifier
  • +50% Attack Speed * Amplifier
  • +250% Jump Height * Amplifier
  • +Wall Climb Ability (Shrinking II and up)
  • -25% Attack Damage * Amplifier
  • -50% Knockback Resistance * Amplifier
  • -25% Step Height * Amplifier


Mod Reviews:



Mods That Might Not Play Nice:

- Metamorph (Disobeys hitbox and eye height changes)

- More Player Models (If you are at risk of epileptic seizures, please, do NOT put More Player Models and Resizing Potion together, because it might trigger one)

- Morph (Eye height of Resizing Potion takes precedence)

- Tropicraft (Dislikes hitbox changes)

- Lucraft: Core (Ignores eye height changes)



- Optifine (will cause a crash on launch, and won't leave a crash report. It's not Resizing Potion, it's that it doesn't work with the version of Forge)

- Older versions of LLibrary (same dealio as Optifine)



Important: It has come to my attention that there are sites reuploading Resizing Potion. If you see one that hosts the mod themselves, or on an external link, do NOT download it. It is potentially malware being downloaded instead, or alongside, the mod. There are no other sites that have permission to host Resizing Potion other than CurseForge.


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