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    Jun 1, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

  • 1.11.2

Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8



  • Implemented capability support for the phased field generator. That means it can now be charged in more machines
  • Fixed a few remaining ItemStack null cases (for 1.11)
  • Null pointer protection which could in some rare cases cause problems
  • Because a few dimlet types are still uncraftable or hard to get they are now standard part of loot in the dimlet dungeons. By default two such dimlets will be guaranteed to generate in the chests of these dungeons
  • Blacklist biomesofplenty 'sand' as it is apparently a problematic dimlet
  • Added more protection for blocks that don't have a valid item to prevent dimlet generation for them
  • If the vanilla extended tooltip info is enabled dimlets will also show more information
  • Fix a problem with chisel blocks all having the same name and thus overriding similar named vanilla blocks for dimlets (i.e. glowstone)
  • Feature clean dimlet now tries to get rid of ores even better
  • The safedel command should now work for players too provided the config is set server-side. i.e. it is no longer needed to set a client-side config for this
  • New Invertigo dimension (upside down world)!
  • New Lost Cities dimension. Fun to explore!
  • New scattered orb feature
  • New OresAPlenty feature dimlet