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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8




(all changes done by Joseph C. Sible)


New features:

  • Screens can now be placed facing up and down, and they can still be placed to face any of north/south/east/west while facing up or down
  • Filled syringes will now be returned as empty syringes when used in crafting
  • Creative screens can now connect to screen controllers if one of their modules needs it (like computer screen modules do). They still won’t consume power.



  • Made the machine base and wire block crafting recipes work anywhere in the crafting grid
  • Converted to Minecraft’s new resource format (version 3)
  • Made pick block, WAILA, and TOP handle large screens correctly
  • Renamed a lot of things called “modules” to make it more clear what they’re each for
  • Documented the computer screen module
  • Made the builder play the correct sounds for blocks with state-sensitive sounds
  • Added arrows to show which side the ender monitor, inventory checker, and sensor get their inputs from


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed newly-placed blocks not recognizing pre-existing redstone signals until they received a block update
  • Fixed dialing devices always showing up as dialed
  • Fixed blocks briefly facing the wrong direction upon being placed
  • Fixed startup logspam about OBJ models
  • Fixed typos and errors in the manual
  • Fixed the builder playing blocks’ break sounds instead of their place sounds when placing them


And some refactoring and code cleanup.