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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8




New features:

  • Added a logic block to work with analog redstone values (McJty)
  • Added a block to show redstone values as hexadecimal digits (McJty)
  • Added analog mode support to the redstone screen module (josephcsible)



  • BREAKING CHANGE: The analog mode for wireless redstone is now set on the receiver instead of the transmitter (josephcsible)
  • POSSIBLY BREAKING CHANGE: Logic gates now propagate their output one tick faster than before (McJty)
  • Improved endergenic generator processing order (romanticjo)
  • Added our dimensional shard ore blocks to the ore dictionary (josephcsible)
  • Added end stone to the list of blocks that you can set the quarry to void (josephcsible)
  • Reworked how redstone channels get assigned (josephcsible)
  • Added more useful error logging if the crafter fails (josephcsible)


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when trying to compose a shield projector without any shield template blocks or a shape card (josephcsible)
  • Fixed Waila errors when looking at a redstone receiver (josephcsible)
  • Fixed the help button in the composer opening to the wrong manual page (josephcsible)
  • Fixed a crash when flipping some shape cards in the composer (josephcsible)
  • Fixed energy amounts overflowing (josephcsible)


And some refactoring and code cleanup.