RiteClicker Mod


This mod adds the right click dirt or grass functionality first introduced by Vazkii in the Botania Garden of Glass mod.


To put the mod concept simply if you right click a grass or dirt block with an empty hand it will drop pebbles. The pebbles can then be put into a crafting grid in a 2x2 formation to form cobblestone. This mod is made to primarily be used in a skyblock style terrain generation, but will work in all other terrain generation type too. It means you can use any other mods for world generation you like, but still get the right click pebble functionality.


The mod itself has no dependencies as the pebbles are coded into the mod itself, as are recipes etc. There is a config generated by the mod, this allows modpack developers and users to up the number of dropped items and also disable the mods core functionality if needed.


You can use this mod completely without restrictions in any modpack or whatever, the mod has a MIT License so do as you please.


You can view source code here: https://github.com/OCDiary/RiteClicker




The idea for this mod comes directly from the Botania Garden of Glass mod by Vazkii, a massive thanks for Vazkii for the concept.


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