Rockhounding Mod: Chemistry

Rockhounding Chemistry runs through the processes which bring a mined undefined mineral to be analyzed, acknowledged and treated to become chemical elements.
The purpose of the mod is to reproduce a working chain to acquire several elements and material by using a progressive manipulation, to turn the raw mineral into the final dust form.
It leads then to several features, mostly meant for mid-late game, involving the final product, be them decorative features, functional applications or experiments.
The mod brings a set of machinery which interact eachother, working as parts of a unique factory. it aims also to involve the player in the production chain, planning how to prioritize the resource handling towards the efficiency.

Dependencies & Credits

This mod requires an internal Core to work.

It also requires some additional dependencies. Thanks to their developers for the great job.

Additional tools

  • Forge by Forge Team
  • Model Creator by MrCrayfish
  • JSON Model Animator by Fizzy81

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