Roughly Enough Items

Roughly Enough Items is a mod to view Items and Recipes for Minecraft 1.13 - 1.14, supporting mod loaders from Forge, Rift to Fabric.

Just Enough Items for Forge 1.13.2 has been released!


View the latest version for your Minecraft version and loader here.


1.13's version requires Rift.
1.13.2's version requires Chocohead's Rift Fork or Forge.
1.14's version requires Fabric Mod Loader, Cloth API and the Fabric API. (Optional: Plugin Loader for loading REI plugins)



Please download REI from CurseForge if possible, I do not have control over sites redistributing REI and they might contain malicious code. (I can't stop you if you want to)

Visit StopModReports to learn more.



This mod is completely client side. There is no need to install this mod on a server.
However 1 feature will not be supported:
- Item Deletion
And 1 feature will be limited:
- Item Cheating (nbts are limited to 256 char = no long nbts)


Currently Supported Languages:
- English
- Chinese Traditional
- Chinese Simplified
- French
- German
- Estonian
- Upside Down English 



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(For Versions lower than 2.0)

Roughly Enough Items was a fork of Almost Enough Items by ZenDarva. This fork is permitted under the MIT license.


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