Ruins And Constructs

"Have you ever felt that your minecraft worlds are missing the feel of adventures?"

If that is the case, R&C is the mod for you!


R&C adds structures like ruins, houses and other interesting things that spawn around your world.


Current Features -


A lot of structures generating in your minecraft worlds!

Aboveground and underground structures.




Planned -

More structures

Bringing back summoning items



I will now be accepting community made structures for the next update!!

How will it work?

People can send me their structures in MCEdit schematic format and give me the details on the structure.

Before you create a structure, please follow these rules (Some of them are there because of the current system I am using to create these structures) -

  • The structure can't be bigger than 1600 blocks (if you want the structure to include all the air blocks, they count as the blocks too!)
  • The structure must be only for Aboveground or Belowground, no mix of both for now! (I might find a way to fix this one)
  • Trapdoors, Doors and similar may break upon the structure being generated, try to exclude blocks you think might break/fall off for now, should be able to fix this later!
  • The structure currently can't contain loot in chests and similar blocks and mob spawners

When you send me the structure, try to format the description similar to this -

  • Structure Name
  • Biome (leave this as any if there is no specific biome)
  • Aboveground or Belowground
  • Overworld or nether
  • Do you wish to include air in the structure or not (if you include air, it adds up to the block ammount you have, so make sure the area isnt bigger than 1600 blocks before submitting (this also might make the structure look less natural)! Without air will make the structure look a lot more natural and will probably let you use a lot more blocks
  • Name you want the summoning item to be signed with (I will add names to the descriptions of spawners for community created sturctures indicating, who made them.)
  • Am I allowed to do small tweaks to the structure or should i leave it as it is

Send the schematics and descriptions to me via the curse PM system.


Please note that not all of the structures sent will make it into the mod!!!



Known Bugs -

Some structures may spawn in weird spots.



Modpack Permissions -

You are free to use this mod in your pack as long as you give a link to this page and credit me :)

It is not required, but I would like to know if the mod is in your pack!


Feel free to suggest structures that I should do next! :)


Keep in mind that this mod is still WIP and is nowhere near being complete, so you can expect a lot more features in the futute :)

The 1st stable release of the mod is out!! Don't worry, you can still expect a lot more features :)


Thread last updated on June 19th 2016


P.S. - Please, do not download this mod from other websites, they may contain viruses and unwanted programms


- Tepgam


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