Santa Fe Railroad - IR

Santa Fe Passenger Empire

This Resoucepack is a train pack for Immersive railroading, featured around the once mighty Santa Fe, however it will feature other Railroads from the era! Requires Immersive Railroading.Eventually it will also Feature Santa Fe freight (Mostly Santa Fe freight only). It will also feature some Australian Stuff as well.


Installation: Simply install like any other resource pack, make sure to enable it!


Also Note: Due to their lengths, I highly recommend using large turns of at least 70, on really sharp turns they can look a bit odd.

Also note: this pack is going over a rebuild.



- NSW F Set

- NSW S Set


Freight (baggage):

- Budd Baggage car - Amtrak Phase 1

- Budd Baggage car - Santa Fe

- Budd Baggage car - Vault-tec


- Budd Daycoach - Amtrak Phase 1

- Budd Daycoach - Santa Fe

- Budd Daycoach - Vault-tec

- Budd Daycoach - Union Pacific

- Budd Daycoach - Southern Pacific Daylight

- Budd Daycoach - New York Central

- NSW F Set trailer car

- NSW S Set trailer car


Terms of use

Under no circumstances may any content in this pack be reproduced or modified and publicly distributed without explicit permission from the author, Lachie1770. This includes remodels, retextures etc. Usage of this pack to make any form of financial profit or monetary gain of any type is strictly forbidden. By downloading this pack, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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